Add A Leaf Vs Blocks

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I attempted to put a pallet of mulch in my truck and it was not having any of that. If you want to be able to tow without as much sag in the back then go with the leafs.

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The icon expansion pack fits like crap, and many have them go flat quickly, and the single leaf you reference will ride poorly.

Add a leaf vs blocks. Just add to your stock leaf springs. Discussion in 'suspension' started by mikeyd, nov 20, 2009. Allpro has 05+ leaf packs on sale for $369 a pair, with your choice of 1.5 or 3 of lift.

Blocks do maintain factory ride, but they put more leverage on the leaf spring when it starts to wrap under acceleration or what not. Lift blocks increase the amount of space between your spring pack and axle. If you're wondering whether you should add either option to your vehicles, you should know the pros and cons of using lift blocks or springs.

Add a leaf will make the ride a little more stiff. Of course, it will be stiffer, but i dont mind that as i prefer stiffness in my trucks. Blocks cause more axle wrap than anything else you mentioned above.

Adding just a block your leaf spring would sag just as much but ur sitting higher. There is a stigma that blocks are the. Adding a leaf is the correct way to raise the back end.

I did a 2.5 level up front and added a leaf and 2 block in the back. Second, it ensures your undercarriage stays protected. Sometimes lift blocks and leaf springs are great additions to a vehicle.

Note that they're for offroading so they'll be better for flex and ride than for load capacity. They increase the distance between the axle and the spring pack. A block will keep the same spring squat under a load.

An add a leaf will increase payload or at a minimum keep the truck from squatting under heavy loads. 25% off for the month of march. Add a set of timbrens with.

It's a pretty killer deal. Use billet blocks or a good cast steel (2 or more as the cast steel blocks are strongest at 2+ inches) and you will not have probelms. When to use lift blocks and when to use leaf springs.

A block won't affect the ride as much. This raised the back end about 3/4 from stock and got rid of 90% of the driveline vibes i had with the block. Depending on how often you tow or haul add a leaf would help carry your load.

That being said, i opted for an add a leaf. Either way gets your rig a big, aggressive look with minimal hassles. I hear issues with axle wrap:dunno:

But if it's going to negatively impact day to day driving with an empty bed, or if the quality of the aftermarket leafs is questionable, i'll stick with the blocks. Both will give you lift while supplying load support. When lift blocks are ideal.

I would still get the aals, they'll give you a tad stiffer ride, but it's much better for your springs. Once added to existing leaf springs these will also slightly increase your load capacity. Imo, they are they both cheap ways of lifting leaf springs, and the correct way would be a new spring pack built for lift.

The best way to get clearance is to get more height on your vehicle with add a leaf. I had blocks installed with my 6 lift. No problems with them shifting.

The blocks shouldnt effect your ride at all, but the leafs will. Increasing the height allows for a few important things to happen. Springs then wear and sag?

I replaced the blocks with a wheeler's offroad progressive add a leaf kit that replaces the overload leaf with 3 smaller progressive leaves. Do you plan on buying new shocks too? This is the only add a leaf pack worth using on a tundra.

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