Axle Back Vs Cat Back Exhaust

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In fact, some manufacturers only make axle back systems for your car. The wimpy little 3.8 is actually pretty quiet.

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On some exhaust systems it says that its catback, but starts at the axle, so is that really axleback.

Axle back vs cat back exhaust. An axle back system replaces the components that sit behind the axle, all the way to the end of the pipes. The reason this is possible is that generally speaking, most cat back systems rely on wider exhaust tubing which creates a much more efficient path for exhaust gasses to escape. The benefits of choosing an axle back include:

I don't want it to be obnoxiously loud but louder than the stock exhaust.right now i'm thinking of borla and magnaflow. I want some more sound to the car. Since axleback exhausts are generally limited to everything after the rear.

So i am eyeing up he stainless works exhaust. A turbo back system is going to upgrade upon your cat back system, and give you more power, but it won’t be as loud as the cat back system and it’s harder to install. It doesn't include an intermediate pipe, this is why the axleback exhaust is typically more expensive.

I am thinking of putting an exhaust on my new 07 eclipse gt, so i. And axle back is just for sound with little or no hp gain. With a cat back exhaust, you’ll certainly achieve this;

Just kidding, you are not going to see any real gains out of a cat back, axle back, or intake without a tune. I am looking at improving the exhaust. The stock resonator weighs like 30lbs.

I'd go with a catback cause if you're going to spend the scratch. People will spend money on these things, and the most common source of confusion is the […] Its honestly quieter with no muffler than with half the mufflers on the market.

When people talk about their cars, it is either about the improvement of speed and power, or the aesthetics of modifications and overall appearance. Joined apr 28, 2008 · 40 posts. Essentially, the axle back includes the pipe and the muffler only.

What you have to decide is if the added cost of a catback is worth the gain in power. This is because there are more components and accessories involved with a catback exhaust installation. This type of exhaust upgrade is relatively inexpensive (especially with accessories and parts purchased at pfyc) compared to a catalytic converter replacement.

But i suspect most of them actually wanted a fairly loud and aggressive sound. An x or h pipe in place of the resonator changes the exhaust note quite a bit more than axle backs can. Replaces the the muffler, tips, and may connect to mid pipes in some cases.

Discussion starter · #1 · may 7, 2008. Well, in just about all cases a catback exhaust will make more power than an axleback exhaust. Discussion starter · #1 · dec 22, 2017.

#8 · sep 4, 2012 (edited) in running a straight pipe after the cat, which terminates above the rear axle with a downward bend. I would guess that the borla atak cat back is the most popular aftermarket exhaust for the wk2 srt, most of the people that have it are quite happy with it. But that performance boost comes at a higher upfront cost.

Basically i would like some feedback from you on which companys make a true catback exhaust system for the 2005 tc, and of those companys which sounds the best. Every car and truck has different gains between these systems. As its name implies, it contains all sections of the exhaust system from behind the catalytic converter to the back of the car.

A catback exhaust starts from the catalytic converter back, but an axleback starts from the area of the rear axles back to your rear bumper. It includes the part of the exhaust system from the rear axle to the final point of the exhaust pipe. While cat backs tend to offer better performance, it can be difficult to get noticeable performance enhancements with an axle back replacement as installing a performance muffler only supplies a single point of efficiency.

The cat back is an exhaust system that contains the catalytic converter, whereas, installing a turbo back exhaust system will include also installing the downpipe that. Axle back vs cat back exhaust. If you want to improve your exhaust flow without adding expensive headers or removing your catalytic converters, a catback is going to give you the flow you want, along with a better exhaust note.

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