Do Nothing Jobs That Pay Well

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Zip recruiter says that anyone choosing this career can earn anything from $30k a year to $100k a year! You see, you’re smart enough to knows that doctors, lawyers, dentists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, etc, all get paid very well.

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Top easy jobs that pay well.

Do nothing jobs that pay well. The truck drivers hired even though they never drove. Well, luckily, there is a way and i tried to find out as much as i could about it. Pay is every monday through paypal.

If you can suit up well and shake hands firmly, then you could get employed in china. Check out what i found if you’re really in need of more sleep and keen to find a way to get paid to do literally nothing. If you don’t want to do it through the navy, the cost of the courses to get your certification is around $15,000.

The average professional snugglers get paid a lot of money which is probably ideal for the imaginable awkwardness of this job. As long as they pay their taxes and keep their noses clean, no one can stop them earning half a million dollars a year by sitting on their ass. From $55,000 to $83,000 a year, dependent on experience and duties.

Unlike the other people on this list, none of the people in these jobs have been punished since nothing they’re doing is technically illegal. It may be the case for some but not all. Most of the time, these people drive by, look at the spec sheets, and compare comps in the area to determine a value.

While you usually scroll through facebook, twitter, snapchat and instagram in your spare time, you now do it at work for a living. Jobs include things like survey participation, content moderation, search engine testing and more. Even though this job may sound odd to you, many people pay for this service.

$105,680 projected job growth through 2026: Today, there are apps that people can download when they need someone to walk their dog. Jobs typically pay a few dollars each, so if you’re motivated and have some free time you could easily earn a few hundred dollars a week.

How well does it pay? Sorry if we burst a few bubbles. You might not think walking dogs would pay well, but it all depends on where you’re located and how well you can market yourself.

That's why it's often listed among easy summer jobs. But do note that it isn’t a very big field. I’ve automated my major responsibilities out of existence.

The solution for some is to hire a codista (“queuer”) as in someone who waits in line for you. You will make phone calls. This occurs because many in the country prefer to pay in cash, resulting in fewer online transactions and longer processing times.

Testing mattresses and the overall feel of hotel rooms is a real thing. You will help customers in the buying process for some of your favorite brands so they can find the best deals. Blogging can pay anything from a zero dollars to $50,000+ a month (or even more!).

Short order cooks, dishwashers and professional servers are always in demand. While these jobs do not pay as well as some others, most employers are willing to adjust work schedules to fit the employee’s needs. But you do need to be ready to act quickly in the event of an emergency such as someone drowning.

A real estate appraiser is a valuable job when buying, selling, or refinancing a home or business. A lot of time has to be put in before you’ll be able to become a diver, but the job itself is rewarding, and not just because it pays well. And, you can help answer any questions they might have as well.

Most of the time, nothing too significant happens while watching over swimmers in the pool or at the beach. The most important part of the job is to test the mattress quality. Familiar with the latest trend and different social media platforms;

I could probably play video games all day provided. So, i’m sitting around all day every day with nothing to do. Unlike most lists like this, you won’t find any medical or legal type jobs here.

You have just described my current job. One reason is that many jobs simply don’t pay very well—and lots of people have those jobs. 24,046 do nothing jobs available on

These scientists are focused on the sky, studying planets, stars, galaxies and other celestial bodies. The jobs can still pay well, it’s just they don’t pay nearly as much as people think. This is the reason many aspiring actors.

You can get free training in the navy to be certified to dive and dispose of bombs. Apply to brand ambassador, emergency roadside specialist, sales representative and more! These professionals will do things such as pay bills, mail packages, and navigate government departments.

Here‘s a list of jobs that pay well and require minimal effort. According to the bureau of labor statistics, more than 22 percent of americans hold one of the. I’m the it guy at a biotech company.

Instead, we’re focusing on jobs many people think are super lucrative, but are actually well below those expectations. 17 jobs that pay $1000 a day. Also, to give you a holistic picture, gobankingrates found each profession's.

If you sign up as a dog walker on these apps (or websites), you’ll gain credibility for how well you do your job. The careers were ranked from lowest to highest paying.

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